As around 80% of Americans are dealing with debt of some kind, a great portion of this debt is tax related. Once you’re in debt to the IRS, tax debt relief is a huge need that you’re entitled to, no matter what your financial status is. If you’re not making enough to pay your full bill, you […]
Taxpayers who face IRS levies often find themselves in tax trouble for understandable reasons. Sometimes you simply weren’t aware of your tax debt, or it seemed too small an amount to worry about. Often, an IRS levy can come after years of financial hardship, as experienced by this taxpayer: “I started working as a 1099-Misc […]
In the final hours of 2017, President Trump signed into law the most sweeping tax legislation in recent memory, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). This legislation affects most areas of Federal income taxation in the United States for both individuals and businesses. A few of the major changes include drastically lower corporate tax […]
8 Tips for Finding Trustworthy Help with IRS Tax Debt You know you need help resolving a tax debt. But who can you trust? Choosing the right tax relief firm is a big decision. It’s like finding the right financial advisor or family lawyer. You may stand to save thousands or even six-figures in tax […]
It’s confirmed. Employees love working at Precision Tax Relief (PTR)… and it’s not just for the break room snacks! We are proud to announce PTR has earned recognition as one of the Best Companies Group (BCG) 2018 Best Places to Work Inland Northwest. This prestigious award is granted to a handful of companies each year. […]
As a member or veteran of the United States military, there are some tax rules, benefits and planning techniques that you, your loved ones, and your tax preparer should be aware of. Below are 7 guidelines, however the complete list of tax benefits exclusive to military pay is much longer. Military Pay & Deductions The […]

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