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Back Tax Return Filing

If you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS is entitled to file past-due returns on your behalf — and usually, these substitute filings are not in your favour. When this happens, the IRS can bill you for back taxes, plus failure-to-file penalty fees.

Whether or not the IRS has already filed your taxes in substitution, our back tax experts can help. Get an accurate tax return that accounts for every deduction to which you are entitled.

Learn more about Back Tax Returns

Offer in Compromise Negotiation

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is one of the most desirable, and most sought-after outcomes of an IRS tax debt relief negotiation. It’s a form of debt forgiveness and if you’re eligible, an OIC reduces your total tax liability. Successful OICs can result in settlements for as little as 1% of the total back tax debt owed.

In the past five years alone, we have helped more than 700 clients across the country resolve their tax debt through OICs. In total, we’ve saved clients over $58 million in IRS tax debt.

Learn more about Offer in Compromise Negotiation

Revenue Officer Assistance

An IRS Revenue Officer can exert high-pressure tactics to collect your debt. These include applying liens to your property and seizing assets or wages.

If you are contacted by a Revenue Officer, you need expert legal tax representation. The Precision Tax Relief team includes one of the top legal experts representing clients in debt crisis. We can advocate for your full taxpayer rights.

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Payroll Tax Debt Assistance

When a business owes back payroll taxes, often the IRS will assign a Revenue Officer to collect. It is important that you respond to the demands for payment promptly and professionally. These cases are complex and you should never attempt to negotiate a payroll tax liability without representation.

Our team of licensed professionals and our attorney deal with payroll tax debt cases routinely and we can expertly resolve your liability.

Learn more about Payroll Tax Debt Assistance

IRS Levy Release

When you have back tax debt, the IRS may legally seize — or levy — any property or right to property you own or have an interest in. They may also apply any future federal or state tax refunds to pay your IRS tax liability.

However, we can often stop tax levies in just 24-hours. While stopping a levy is a temporary reprieve, it gives us time to resolve the back tax problem, either by negotiating payments or challenging the claims of the IRS.

Learn more about Releasing an IRS Levy

IRS Bank Levy Release

The IRS can legally collect taxes assessed as overdue directly through your bank account.

Unlike a wage levy, you often won’t discover that a bank levy is in place until the funds are seized and unavailable.

If your bank account has already been levied, we can often have it quickly released by contacting the IRS on your behalf.

Learn more about stopping a Bank Levy

IRS Wage Levy Release

The IRS commonly will try to garnish your wages to satisfy a back tax debt.

We can typically stop a wage levy before your next pay day. Often, we can stop a wage levy in just 24-hours.

Learn more about Releasing a Wage Levy

Federal Tax Lien Release

The IRS can apply a tax lien to your property if you owe back taxes. Unlike a levy, which is a seizure of your assets, a lien is only a claim on your property. It reserves the right of the IRS to proceeds from the sale of that property.

Our IRS tax experts can help you avoid or respond to an IRS lien. If a lien has already been applied to your property, you may be eligible for a release, withdrawal, discharge or subordination.

Learn more about Federal Tax Liens

IRS Hardship Status

If we can prove that making payments on your IRS back tax debt would cause unfair economic hardship, you may be eligible for “hardship status”.

Also known as IRS Currently Not Collectible (or Status 53), hardship status is a temporary solution. It wins you a reprieve from IRS collections and payments, during which to negotiate a better resolution or wait out your tax debt expiration.

Learn more about IRS Hardship Status

Tax Debt Expiration Advice

By law, the IRS has 10 years within which to collect any tax debt. If your debt expires, the amount owing plus any associated interest or penalties will be cancelled.

Determining your Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) is not always straightforward. Our team can calculate your debt expiration date and give you expert advice on how to use the IRS statute of limitations to your advantage.

Learn more about Tax Debt Expiration

IRS Payment Plan Negotiation

An IRS payment plan or installment agreement allows you to repay your tax debt over an extended period. If your assets or income rule out an Offer in Compromise or Currently not Collectible status, an installment agreement may be the best option to eliminate your tax debt.

Arrange a payment plan proactively to reduce interest, penalties and avoid IRS collections.

Learn more about IRS Payment Plans

Penalty Abatement Negotiation

The IRS applies interest and penalties to back tax debt, increasing the total amount owed. While interest is unavoidable, penalty relief or abatement can be negotiated.

At a free consultation, we can expertly assess your eligibility for IRS penalty relief.

Learn more about Tax Penalty Relief

Annual Tax Preparation

Most tax debt agreements with the IRS require that you file annual tax returns to avoid default. And if you don’t have a current tax debt with the IRS, filing promptly is the best way to avoid IRS problems.

Our team of CPAs and EAs work every day to protect clients from collections — in part, through current year tax returns. Whether you’re filing as an individual or a business, we offer the full suite of tax return services.

Learn more about Annual Tax Preparation

Innocent Spouse Application

You can be held liable for the IRS tax debt of your spouse or former spouse, regardless of your marital status.

However, the Innocent Spouse Claim can protect you from responsibility for these liabilities and the Injured Spouse Claim can shield your tax refund.

Both claims are complex and strictly regulated. At Precision Tax Relief, we can assess your eligibility for these claims and provide expert advice.

Learn more about Innocent Spouse Relief

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