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John Teehee

Amount Owed: $172,441

Settled for: $100


 After numerous failed attempts with other companies, I realized the significance of finding out the hard way about what was going on. Most companies were just telemarketing operators vying for a commission. Thanks to one lucky phone call to Precision Tax, I was able to start my way through years of back taxes that have hampered me financially for years. They were patient and the outcome was more than I could ever ask for. Thank you again. 

Vincent Rosario

Amount Owed: $523,927

Settled for: $27,343

 My offer in compromise turned out to be a long process due to my complicated personal tax situation, however the team at Precision Tax were able to get me the results I had hoped for. Everyone I worked with was top notch. Jinney kept in touch with me throughout the process and was diligent in filing all paperwork on time and helping me settle for a nominal amount (in comparison to my total tax liability). I highly recommend Precision Tax Relief. 

Steven Long

Amount Owed: $24,445

Settled for: $1,143


 In 2019 I called to ask if Precision Tax could help me with my situation. I owed the IRS $24,000 in back taxes. They explained to me what my options were and said they could help. Then over the next year and a half with Covid, switching jobs, and a divorce, they have always been able to answer any question I had and were willing and understanding about the current events. Even letting me place my payments on hold while my life was unstable. Each member of their staff has always been friendly, professional, and compassionate. As for the work they did, they were able to have the IRS settle $24,000 for $1,143! They are the company I refer everyone to if they have any tax needs. 

Deyanira Mercado

Amount Owed: $15,297

Settled for: $100

 My husband and I are so thankful we found Precision Tax Relief. A year ago we were struggling with 4 years of back taxes, when we reached out to inquire about the services, they explained the process and were there to answer and help with any questions or concerns we would’ve had. Shawna and Jana were amazing and always available to answer our emails or phone calls. They achieved the best possible outcome in our case and it’s been such a relief that the IRS accepted the offer PTR worked for us. We would definitely recommend Precision Tax Relief’s services to anyone seeking to get a fresh start from back taxes/debt. 

Brian Miller

Amount Owed: $192,815

Settled for: $500


 6 years ago I put myself and my family in a bad situation by not filing my taxes for 7 years. I called on the aid of Precision Tax Relief and they immediately went to work. With the help from Scott Gettis and his team at the time, they were able to stop the IRS from coming after me for all I had. After taking some time and making sure I had my figures correct, we filed all 7 years of missing returns and were able to do an offer in compromise, fulfilling the requirements the IRS put on us, including a 5 year probationary period. Well it has been 5 years and my probation is now over, what a relief! I have again entrusted the help of Precision Tax Relief for my tax filing purposes. I work in the trucking industry and we have a lot of different expenses and write-offs we need to file. So whether it is a standard W2 or a 1099, the team at PTR is more than capable of handling any situation when dealing with the IRS. I have recommended PTR to many friends, as well as family members. If you have any issue whatsoever with the IRS, I can guarantee someone at PTR will go to bat for you, and not to mention, at a very fair price. Thanks again team and thanks for the RELIEF! 

Jason Chance

Amount Owed: $238,108

Settled for: $23,888


 I came to Precision Tax Relief in desperation after the IRS threatened to levy my bank accounts for back and unfilled taxes. I was in a hole that was impossible to dig out of, so an Offer In Compromise was the obvious solution. Unfortunately, I came during the worst possible time – in the middle of a divorce and COVID happening with the lockdowns and turmoil that caused. Because of this, the process took much longer – IRS reviews that were supposed to happen in a couple of months took 6 months to a year, etc. This is no fault of Precision Tax; quite the opposite – they stuck with me every step of the way with regular updates, constant communication, and a real sympathetic ear to my divorce issues and financial difficulties. In the end, hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax debt was forgiven, a manageable offer was accepted, and for the first time in over a decade, I don’t have to worry about the IRS breathing down my neck. I want to give a special thank you to Jana, the Tax Specialist assigned to my case and my primary contact throughout the OIC process- she never failed to answer all my silly questions, give advice on the handling of certain assets, and just be an all around nice person to deal with on a regular basis. I could not recommend Precision Tax Relief more to someone struggling to get out of tax debt. They literally changed my life. 

Laura Phillips

Amount Owed: $42,329

Settled for: $2,157


 I had the most comfortable, great experience ever with this company. They were calm, super friendly, extremely helpful… just overall wonderful. From the second I contacted them I felt comfortable and they kept me in the loop every step of the way. Any time I had a question or concern I would get through to someone right away or they would call me back within minutes. Cyndy handled my IRS issue with flying colors! She was SO friendly and sweet every single time I spoke with her. My issues were resolved exactly the way they predicted and I couldn’t be happier. I DEFINITELY recommend this company to anyone facing hardships with the IRS. They saved me! 

Ashley Bellon

Amount Owed: $48,930

Settled for: $147


 Precision tax relief is the best! I’m self-employed and had fallen behind in filing my taxes. I was so overwhelmed and had no idea how to resolve everything. The staff walked me through the process and pricing on the first phone call. From there I had clear direction and support. I worked with a wonderful staff member named Melinda. She was always timely in her response and so kind. Everyone that I was in contact with here was wonderful! It seemed like a close knit staff that communicated well. Precision Tax Relief helped me get back on track and settle my taxes. I am so glad I worked with them. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own. 

Dale Schwieger

Amount Owed: $372,564

Settled for: $14,694


 My case goes back to 2015 – I was an officer for a company that did not pay payroll taxes for several reporting periods. I hired a company that initially agreed to a flat fee but ended up milking me for $20k over 5 years all while stating “It would be impossible to get an Offer In Compromise done”. I found Precision Tax online and based upon the high volume of 5-star reviews and my initial consultation, I hired them. They also had a flat-free agreement which they actually honored. I started off with Amanda (awesome) but then was transferred to Melinda Elwell (amazing). In less than 2 years, I received a signed OIC for $14k to eliminate over $330k in Payroll Trust Account debt. 

Kylie Neuneker

Amount Owed: $26,135

Settled for: $1,985


 I had a mess of unfiled tax returns and unorganized receipts along with a mountain of questions. I called because after years of trying to figure this own on my own and so much stress and headache, and Gene was very reassuring and kind when we spoke about my case. I signed a contract the next day and we immediately got to work. Starlynn was SO helpful in preparing my back tax returns! She was very patient with me and was very quick to answer any question whether it was email or phone call. I am so much less stressed knowing I am getting this taken care of and I am so happy that I trusted Gene, Starlynn, and PTR with my case. 

Robert Hwang

Amount Owed: $482,350

Settled for: $2,707


 I worked hard and saved money to buy a house but subprime mortgage crisis and housing market crashed in the fall of 2008. I could not pay mortgages, ended up foreclosing my home. For many years defensed foreclose action and spent lots of legal fees. I could not file IRS tax returns due to financial strain. IRS sent many threatening letters to collect tax, also IRS notified the State Department not to renew my US passport. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have assets or savings. I could not sleep and was deeply stressed. I began searching for tax debt relief firms, I found Precision Tax Relief (PTR) firm has excellent reviews. I called PTR and spoke with Scott Gettis. From the first call to the final resolution, PTR has been extremely professional and very kind. I work with Melinda Elwell and the entire PTR dream team. They filed all my back taxes and negotiated with IRS. You know what? IRS accepted my Offer in Compromise (OIC). I am very thankful and grateful for the fantastic service and resolution PTR provided. I would highly recommend PTR to anyone facing a tax burden! Precision Tax Relief Company is best of the Best. Thank you! 

Hal Clark

Amount Owed: $162,721

Settled for: $17,718

 A long standing disagreement with the IRS began in 2003 and became more difficult to deal with after years of negotiations while experiencing most of their enforcement tactics to seize my limited assets. In 2018, after 15 years of frustration trying personally to resolve the issues, I was introduced to the legal team at Precision Tax Relief – and they truly brought relief! While I worked with several members of their legal and tax teams I primarily worked with Joshua Taylor who immediately engaged with the IRS Representatives on my behalf. Negotiations continued and various options were evaluated until we settled on an Offer In Compromise and Joshua negotiated with the IRS on the final amount. After the OIC was satisfactorily completed There were still unsettled financial issues regarding refunds of previous garnishments that amounted to a considerable amount of money- at least to me, and Joshua urged patience while he worked tirelessly to recover my “lost” assets. After 18 years I finally found resolve and relief and owe it all to Josh and the rest of his team at Precision Tax Relief. 

Jenny Reeve

Amount Owed: $53,155

Settled for: $2,205

 After reading the online reviews of Precision Tax Relief and doing my due diligence in researching them, I selected them to help me with my tax liability. My tax liability was close to $50,000, and Amanda Simpson was able to negotiate an amazing settlement for around $2,000. Dealing with the IRS is not pleasant. Amanda and the PTR staff provided professional counseling, advice, and answered every question I had. My matter was delayed because of the Pandemic. In spite of this, Amanda kept in close contact with me through the months of the Pandemic, updated me on the negotiations, kept in touch with the IRS case manager, and continued that work ethic until this matter was resolved. The PTR accounting staff has prepared my tax returns for the last two years. I trust them completely, and if you’re having a difficult time coping with a tax burden, please contact PTR. They are professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and they will stay by your side until your case has been completely resolved. 

Lisa Krampf

Amount Owed: $317,000

Settled for: $100


 Thank you so much for my brand new life! For years this tax debt has been hanging over my head, I’ve lived in fear and suffered with depression and anxiety. Business taxes had become personal debts and there was no relief in sight. Thanks to the staff at Precision Tax all of that is behind me now. They were helpful, respectful, and considerate from day one. The input they requested from me was minimal and they took care of everything, in a very timely manner. Yes, the IRS took some time to investigate and review my offer in compromise, but PTR kept me informed during every step along the way and their estimated date of my OIC being accepted was spot on! The day I received that good news was one of the best days of my life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PTR to anyone and everyone who needs help dealing with the IRS over back/unpaid taxes – business or personal. They saved me over 100k dollars and for that I will always be extremely grateful! Special shout out to Jinney! She was calm, cool and collected, and kept me informed and on track throughout the entire process. She’s the best! 

Curtis Day

Amount Owed: $255,191

Settled for: $2,632


 We engaged PTR after reading reviews online from other clients who had been helped. We’re so very fortunate to have found this group of professional people who are experts in dealing with tax problems for people like us. Everyone we spoke with was very knowledgeable and respectful and friendly. The end result for us was almost miraculous. We can breathe easily now. We intend to continue to have PTR handle all of our federal income tax filings in the future. I highly recommend this firm to all who are in need of help with any tax problem. Thank you PTR! 

Lawrence McCoy

Amount Owed: $32,674

Settled for: $100


 I am so appreciative of having been part of a magnificent team. You guys saved my life. 2 years ago I received a bad letter from the IRS threatening to garnish and levy my wages. I was afraid of losing my home as well as everything else I may own. I am a single parent. I called Precision Tax on a Saturday. They were able to have everything lifted/ stopped. I am so grateful for having you guys on my team. All the staff members I have worked with have been amazing. From Ms. Tabitha Armstrong, Ms. Shawntell Taylor, Mr. Eric, etc. I will definitely refer my team to the world. Thank you so much. The best tax team in America! 

Albert Schmidt

Amount Owed: $160,220

Settled for: $17,133


 I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Precision Tax Relief. From my initial consultation to the final Offer in Compromise, the staff was 100% professional and effective. Covid delayed the process but the end result of my $250K debt to the IRS ending up costing me less than 1% of that amount. Well worth the fees charged. Highly recommend!! 

Stacey Keeton

Amount Owed: $45,075

Settled for: $100


 My husband and I are always skeptical when we are dealing with anything on the internet! We needed help with a Tax Levy on his income! My husband was dealing with a company already and I just didn’t feel good about it, so I tried and found Precision Tax! Actually, it was the first one I found or if you knew me it was the one God led me to! I felt so much Peace with this choice! Well needless to say EVERYONE has been AMAZING! They were able to get the Levy lifted in less than 24 hours! 

Bradley Kent

Amount Owed: $523,927

Settled for: $27,343

 I felt that I was very well taken care of with my back taxes. They were able to stop my levy and hopefully get me back on track. Everybody was very receptive to our needs. We were not judged for having tax problems and the company made us feel welcome. 

Deborah Caudle, NC

Amount Owed: $244,452

Settled for: $300

 After years of stress, garnishments and liens, PTR worked diligently to resolve my tax issues for a small fraction of what was owed. Such a weight lifted from my shoulders. I certainly recommend PTR to anyone having to deal with the IRS. 

Pamela Rankin, CA

Amount Owed: $39,728

Settled for: $5,860

 I am a single mother of one, I was scared and thought I would lose everything I owned. The staff at precision Tax Relief put me at ease immediately, they worked with me diligently and made everything all right. I will recommend this company to everyone I come across. 

Arthur Eackert

Amount Owed: $98,776

Settled for: $8,028


 Hiring Precision Tax was the best decision I made! Scott did exactly what he said he would do saving me thousands of dollars I can not thank him enough. If you need help with your tax problem call them. Trust me they are the best out there. I’ve had 2 other companies tell me all they could do was put me on a payment plan but Scott got me an OIC JUST LIKE HE TOLD ME HE COULD! THANKS AGAIN! 

Byron Gonzales, NJ

Amount Owed: $110,731

Settled for: $100

 I would recommend Precision Tax Relief to all my friends and family or anyone who is searching for tax solution. When the IRS was going to start a Levy on my paycheck, I called right away. Larry Nagy, my case manager and attorney, promptly got in touch with the IRS and got a Release of Levy from the IRS. I was amazed at the speed and how quickly they got it resolved. After My Precision case team did what they do best the IRS settled my $110,731.00 tax liability for $100. This gives me financial freedom to get my life back on track. I will continue to use Precision for my tax needs and would recommend them to anyone 

Karen Dura, MI

Amount Owed: $15,553

Settled for: $100

Scott Gettis and the team at Precision Tax were wonderful!! They are truly committed to helping you. I recommend if you need help, go to Precision Tax. They are the best. So happy they settled for me! They explained everything. They were kind even though I had anxieties and concerns and seemed to bother them a lot. They helped me through. They truly know what they are doing! I cannot give enough praise and thanks for all their hard work. They are truly the best at what they do!

Willard Dyson, NY

Amount Owed: $38,449

Settled for: $1,575

 Plucked out of a tax nightmare. Thanks to the team of tax angels at Precision Tax Relief I saw a tax nightmare of over 30k reduced to less than $1600. This allowed me a chance to reboot my life and continue on my new path with really great lessons learned along the way. The team at Precision Tax Relief guided me along the way step by detailed step. They helped me to get on a path where I can manage my financial life free of the tax nightmare. Thank you PRECISION TAX RELIEF. 

George Roditis

Amount Owed: $36,492

Settled for: $200

 They are professional and precise in their approach to your problem. They took a potential six figure liability of mine to a total forgiveness of debt. I was walking around with a big dark cloud over my head for years and they made it all go away. Every request for information that was asked of me seemed like a mountain and while working with Tabatha, she calmed me down and I was done in no time. Thank God I found them. I would say to anyone with a tax debt to give them a call and get the ball rolling without hesitation. 

Marvin Grove, CA

 Precision Tax stayed right with us through the whole process, even when we didn’t get them all the documents they needed right away. They would email regularly to let us know how things stood…every employee I talked to was understanding, helpful and professional. They’re really nice people who want to get your tax problems resolved for you as quickly and easily as possible. In the end, Precision Tax not only got the IRS to drop their demands for more money; they even got us sizeable refunds for overpayment! Stellar service, great people and they really know what they’re doing–I’d use them again anytime. 

Lynn Geyer, AZ

 I worried about my tax problems day and night…In desperation, I saw an ad on the internet for PRECISION TAX RELIEF. I called and that’s when I got relief. They couldn’t have been nicer, totally nonjudgmental, and totally put me at ease. Throughout the process, they advised me on what to do next. They were always available and submitting documents was so easy with their SafeSend process …and they were able to save us money as well! 

* Statistics are based on prior results for clients that filed an IRS Offer in Compromise. These results are not a guarantee of individual results nor are they representative of results from other IRS and state tax resolution programs.

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