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Deborah Caudle, NC
 After years of stress, garnishments and liens, PTR worked diligently to resolve my tax issues for a small fraction of what was owed. Such a weight lifted from my shoulders. I certainly recommend PTR to anyone having to deal with the IRS. 
Pamela Rankin, CA
AMOUNT OWED $39,728 | SETTLED FOR $5,860
 I am a single mother of one, I was scared and thought I would lose everything I owned. The staff at precision Tax Relief put me at ease immediately, they worked with me diligently and made everything all right. I will recommend this company to everyone I come across. 
Byron Gonzales, NJ
 I would recommend Precision Tax Relief to all my friends and family or anyone who is searching for tax solution. When the IRS was going to start a Levy on my paycheck, I called right away. Larry Nagy, my case manager and attorney, promptly got in touch with the IRS and got a Release of Levy from the IRS. I was amazed at the speed and how quickly they got it resolved. After My Precision case team did what they do best the IRS settled my $110,731.00 tax liability for $100. This gives me financial freedom to get my life back on track. I will continue to use Precision for my tax needs and would recommend them to anyone 
Karen Dura, MI
Scott Gettis and the team at Precision Tax were wonderful!! They are truly committed to helping you. I recommend if you need help, go to Precision Tax. They are the best. So happy they settled for me! They explained everything. They were kind even though I had anxieties and concerns and seemed to bother them a lot. They helped me through. They truly know what they are doing! I cannot give enough praise and thanks for all their hard work. They are truly the best at what they do!
Willard Dyson, NY
AMOUNT OWED $38,449 | SETTLED FOR $1,575
 Plucked out of a tax nightmare. Thanks to the team of tax angels at Precision Tax Relief I saw a tax nightmare of over 30k reduced to less than $1600. This allowed me a chance to reboot my life and continue on my new path with really great lessons learned along the way. The team at Precision Tax Relief guided me along the way step by detailed step. They helped me to get on a path where I can manage my financial life free of the tax nightmare. Thank you PRECISION TAX RELIEF. 
George Roditis
 They are professional and precise in their approach to your problem. They took a potential six figure liability of mine to a total forgiveness of debt. I was walking around with a big dark cloud over my head for years and they made it all go away. Every request for information that was asked of me seemed like a mountain and while working with Tabatha, she calmed me down and I was done in no time. Thank God I found them. I would say to anyone with a tax debt to give them a call and get the ball rolling without hesitation. 
Marvin Grove, CA
 Precision Tax stayed right with us through the whole process, even when we didn’t get them all the documents they needed right away. They would email regularly to let us know how things stood…every employee I talked to was understanding, helpful and professional. They’re really nice people who want to get your tax problems resolved for you as quickly and easily as possible. In the end, Precision Tax not only got the IRS to drop their demands for more money; they even got us sizeable refunds for overpayment! Stellar service, great people and they really know what they’re doing–I’d use them again anytime. 
Lynn Geyer, AZ
 I worried about my tax problems day and night…In desperation, I saw an ad on the internet for PRECISION TAX RELIEF. I called and that’s when I got relief. They couldn’t have been nicer, totally nonjudgmental, and totally put me at ease. Throughout the process, they advised me on what to do next. They were always available and submitting documents was so easy with their SafeSend process …and they were able to save us money as well! 

* Statistics are based on prior results for clients that filed an IRS Offer in Compromise. These results are not a guarantee of individual results nor are they representative of results from other IRS and state tax resolution programs.

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