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Precision Tax Honored as a Best Place to Work

It’s confirmed. Employees love working at Precision Tax Relief (PTR)… and it’s not just for the break room snacks!

We are proud to announce PTR has earned recognition as one of the Best Companies Group (BCG) 2018 Best Places to Work Inland Northwest.

This prestigious award is granted to a handful of companies each year. According to BCG, “Only 35 employers received the scores necessary to make the list. To be one of the three top-scoring organizations of your size is in addition to that honor, and a tremendous achievement.”

Why are staff so satisfied at our small tax relief firm? It comes down to these eight big factors:

  • Work Environment
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Training, Development and Resources
  • Leadership and Planning
  • Corporate Culture and Communications
  • Relationship with Supervisor
  • Role Satisfaction
  • Overall Engagement

There’s a lot that goes into making work great every day! That’s why it’s not easy to rank as a “Best Place to Work”.

Curious what made Precision rise to the top of employers? Read on.

Ranking the Top Inland Northwest Employers

BCG (an independent, worldwide research firm) runs a rigorous evaluation looking at companies by region and size.

To rank, management was put under the microscope.

First, they screened our policies, practices, benefits and demographics. But that was just the beginning. It’s one thing to look good on paper… but hearing from actual employees is the real test.

In a direct survey, Precision’s staff told BCG exactly what it’s like to work here. And they didn’t hold back.

Here are some of the top reasons employees love working at PTR:

  • Work feels fulfilling and significant because of how we treat clients
  • They’re supported to thrive and perform their best
  • They feel individually recognized and rewarded
  • Benefits, paid time off and compensation are highly competitive
  • There’s flexibility for work/life balance
  • We offer financial support for professional development
  • There’s ample opportunity to progress in their careers
  • We volunteer in the community together
  • The office culture is healthy, inclusive, fun and friendly
  • Knowing that we work for the best tax relief firm is highly rewarding

The full survey employee results are anonymous, but you can read on for a selection of direct quotes.

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What Employees Say About Working at Precision

“The company treats us exceptionally well. The owners can run a successful business while still valuing the employees in all the big and small ways. They offer a highly competitive benefit/compensation package, have monthly parties, paid fitness classes, snacks in the break-room, fitness challenges, and the list goes on.”

“The culture truly honors a home/work life balance. This is truly the best company to work for.”

“At our weekly staff meeting, they recognize staff members publicly for the “Above and Beyond” award. They give a gift certificate to staff members who are nominated by the staff for the hard work that literally goes above their job description. This fosters not only an environment of praise and recognition but challenges all of us to go one step further to make it a better place to work.”

“They help me grow. The company provides feedback and opportunities for me to learn and develop. This approach has led to multiple promotions and me pursuing licensing and education that I may have not otherwise acquired.”

“I love the ample PTO. All other firms I have worked for offered 1-week PTO after a year of service, 2 weeks after 5 years, and 3 weeks at 10 years, being the max PTO. This, in itself, puts PTR in another bracket.”

“PTR has an amazing culture. We do a very stressful job and PTR keeps us willing and wanting to come to work by offering weekly staff meetings with encouragement, excellent benefits package, and definitely a fun and personable co-working atmosphere.”

“PTR fosters employees’ desires to grow and progress not only in their careers but in their skills and knowledge. You can see this through the education fund that is offered along with financial assistance with continuing education.”

“The company is invested in its employees’ health and well-being, including fitness challenges, social gatherings and celebrating any and all professional and personal life achievements.”

“The ability to impact our clients’ lives and truly makes a difference in their lives is one of the reasons that Precision is the best place to work.”

“PTR not only has a commitment to its customers but also to its employees, the company provides opportunities for all team members to advance in their careers by cultivating a supportive and encouraging work environment.”

“The company’s focus is to not only to resolve client’s tax problems but to educate them on how to avoid being in these situations again. We are encouraged to make a meaningful and positive impact on our client’s lives.”

“The company is dynamic and always looking for ways to improve. They ask for feedback and will implement ideas and suggestions. One of my personal favorite pieces of implemented feedback was regarding PTO. As a bonus or incentive, on the 5-year anniversary of employment, a staff member is eligible for an additional week of paid time off. It was a staff member who brought the idea up in a staff meeting and it was approved.”

“Knowing that each consultation is done thoughtfully and with the caller’s best interests in mind instead of just a” bottom line” is just one of the reasons I feel good about coming to work each day. PTR is by far one of the most ethical, caring, companies I’ve worked for! “

“It’s the nicest place to work because of the care and consideration they have for their employees and clients. I admire their humane policies and people-driven approach. I also appreciate the support they give employees in that they are always trying to grow us.”

“The people who we work with are kind and go out of their way to help out. As an employee, I feel appreciated. They give me the tools I need to do my job well. I’ve never had that before.”

We’d love to include ALL the employee quotes, but you get the idea! The employee satisfaction and engagement came across loud and clear.

As a management team, we’re thrilled!

Tax relief and tax preparation businesses are notoriously stressful. They often deliver for clients at the expense of staff, who quickly burn out under the pressure. Awards like this prove that tax relief firms can be successful for clients and the people who serve them.

But being awarded means even more to us…

Why Employee Happiness Matters So Much at Precision Tax Relief

We all know happy employees deliver better service. They go above and beyond because they’re rewarded. They treat clients with patience, even under stress because they’re supported. When we have happy employees, a business can thrive while doing great work.

But we’re gratified for a more essential reason. Work is the place we spend most of our time — and that goes for managers and owners, too. It should be a happy place!

When we’re happy at work, it extends to our health, our families and what we give back to our communities. That’s important! And it’s why we’ll keep striving to make Precision Tax a fun, supportive and rewarding place to work.

If you’re a tax professional looking for a better workplace, we want to hear from you!

Precision Tax Relief is a leading tax debt resolution firm in business since 1967. We help clients across the US resolve IRS tax debts and remain compliant with their tax obligations through tax prep and bookkeeping services. With an A+ Better Business Bureau standing and a 98% rating in over 700 customer reviews, Precision Tax Relief is the most trusted tax relief firm.

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See all 1573 reviews

Hear From Our Clients

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